Auto Insurance

To Get a Quote, All You Need is Your Driver License and Vehicle Registration- It’s That Easy!

Coverage For All of Your Vehicles

We offer comprehensive auto insurance plans, including policies for RVs, motorcycles, and boats. You can save money by combining plans for all your vehicles and earn discounts that our insurance professionals will alert you to. 

Don‘t put yourself at risk when you get behind the wheel in St. Cloud and Osceola County. You can be sure of your safety and that of your passengers and cargo when you‘re protected by Kocher Insurance.

We‘ll present you with several insurance options that suit your automobile coverage needs — all at an affordable price. We‘ll find a policy that provides you with:

Auto Liability Coverage

Truckers Liability Coverage

At-Fault or No-Fault Coverage

Bodily Injury Coverage

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Collectible Auto Coverage

Collision Coverage

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